Blood Pressure Check Up or ECG Facility at your Doorstep!

This post is for those who are looking for Blood Pressure Check up at home service or ECG at Home in Lahore. Before you hire a Home Health Care Services provider in Lahore, you should go through this complete article to understand the things. Furthermore, you can call at  03111333223 or send a WhatsApp message at 03408400145 to arrange a call back. Professional and trained staff is available to guide you through out the process.

What is ECG (Electrocardiography) and How do it work?

ECG or in other words “Electrocardiography” is the medical procedure of analyzing the heart’s electrical activity.

This procedure is done by placing electrodes on the chest. In the case of male patients, they have hair on the chest. So, these hairs are shaved off for proper connection of electrodes.

The ECG helps in monitoring the pulse rate, heart beating rate, breathing, blood pressure, and other heart-related conditions of the patient.

The ECG also gives previous data regarding heart and blood pressure. If the patient was suffering from Hypertension or Heart-related conditions in the past.

BP (Blood Pressure Check-up)

While BP or “Blood Pressure” is the force of movement of blood within your arteries. The ECG procedure is used to measure and acquire data regarding blood-pumping conditions in cases of low, normal, and high BP.

Hypertension & Hypotension: When the BP rises above the normal threshold. It is called “Hypertension”. While on the other hand, if the BP is lower than the normal range then it is referred to as Hypotension.

Book ECG & BP Check-up Services at Home

    Benefits of ECG & Blood Pressure Check-up at Home

    HLH Pharmacy has been at the pinnacle providing the ECG and BP check-up services for home patients. Because performing ECG with care plays an extremely important role for the patients and their families.

    Family Advice & Guidance

    That’s why here at HLH Pharmacy we have an exclusive well-trained nursing staff to check and verify Heart and BP problems. Our nurses are trained and educated under rigorous training sessions.

    So, they can properly advise and guide your regarding the patient at home. Analysing the heart rhythm, pulse rate, and other essential factors to successfully perform ECG at home.

    It Saves Your Time, Money & Effort

    Another benefit that our patients gain through our home ECG/BP services is their effort, money, and time as well. Our professional nurse will visit your home to get your ECG or BP done.

    This saves you from the hassle of traveling to hospitals which also becomes problematic for patients as well. It saves you from extra expenses and time wastage as well.

    The ECG or BP check-up is performed from the comfort of your home. While also soothing the patient as well.

    In Case of Emergency

    Lastly, in case of severe conditions, you don’t need to go through desperate situations of going to the hospitals and nearby centers as well.

    With our online chat, Emailing, and WhatsApp system you can quickly get a professional nurse at your doorstep in just a few clicks. Currently, ECG at Home services are available in Lahore only.

    If You Need Help

    So, if you need ECG or BP check-up, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Because we’re here for you. You can email us at

    You also call us on the given number or can have a live chat session on WhatsApp (+92 311 1333223 | +92 340 8400145).