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Freezer -150 Cryo – Haier DW-150W200

Product Name : Freezer -150 Cryo - Haier DW-150W200

Product Form : Laboratory Equipment

Pack Size : 1's

Description :

  • Alternative for LN2 Storage: Unique word-leading refrigeration system is designed by Haier to avoid the danger of traditional liquid nitrogen storage.
  • Convenience: Compact casters for ease of manoeuvring, ergonomic and integrated structure design for ease of operation
  • Reliable Performance: Cabinet temperature can reach -150? with fluctuation within 6?.
  • Compressor Driven By Electricity: Use electricity to create cryo low temperature environment. Avoiding safety risks from LN2 filling.
  • Advanced Cascade Refrigeration Technology: Temperature up to ? 150 ?. With cascade refrigeration technology, the cabinet temperature can reach -150 ?.