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    • Providing a desired test through a thermostatic temperature with 5?C above ambient to 100?C, ideal for biological, clinical research, medical, bio-chemical, industry and education laboratory. 
    • Molded bath with rounded corners and seamless stainless steel sides ensures efficient circulation and easy for cleaning.
    • Equipped with immersion heating element sheathed with stainless steel.
    • Improve temperature uniformity by rotating water stirrer to direct flow to various areas of the tank.
    • Optional concentric rings cover minimizes heat loss when you suspend flasks or other vessels in the bath.
    • YCW-010, comes with built-in microprocessor-based digital controller.  Audible & visible alarm is activated and shut out power to 2?C above the set point.  Timer starts working when the set temperature has been stabilized. Functions alarm and the display with ?END? after the completion of operation cycle. 
    • Drain valve and perforated tray are optional for extra cost to meet your requirement.


    • Volume 22 L & 11 L.
    • Temp setting Digital.
    • Temp readout LED digital 
    • Temp preset. N.A. 
    • Max temperature 99.9?C
    • Temp stability ?0.01?C
    • Temp uniformity ?0.01?C
    • Temp control PID
    • Timer N/A
    • Over-heat shutout 2?C to set point
    • Heating element 1.0KW
    • Bath Dimensions:
      • 22 L: 50 x 29.5 x 15.5cm;
      • 11 L: 30 x 24 x 15cm