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Are you looking for Lab Tests with free Home Blood Sample Collection in Lahore? HLH Pharmacy is partnered with Pakistan’s top diagnostic labs. As well as we have a separate skilled phlebotomist team for collecting blood samples from patients from the comfort of their homes. If you are in Lahore and you need any type of medical tests, you can book free home sampling online by filling this form.

Benefits of Home-Based Blood Sample Collection

Hereunder are some benefits which patients can avail by ordering Home Blood Sample collection:

Saves Your Time, Money & Effort

When it comes to diagnostics or lab tests many patients or their family members have to get stuck up in line for a single test or sample analysis. But at HLH Pharmacy platform, now you can Order Home Sample Collection Online any time.

With HLH Pharmacy on-call collection support, you didn’t need to visit the nearby lab or nearby HLH Pharmacy branch. Nor do you have to wait for longer periods of time in a queue. One of the HLH Pharmacy’s phlebotomists will visit your home to collect blood samples.

As for blood sample reports, they will be delivered to your given email address. Again you don’t need to come to us just to get the reports.

User-Friendly & Caring Team

Not only our phlebotomist team is user-friendly and human-oriented. But, we also take an extra step for the equipment we’re using.

The equipment is fully packed and sterilized for the patient’s protection. Providing comfort to the patient to avoid any other complications.

Especially in case of bedridden, elderly, chronically ill patients, or patients recovering from post-surgery.

Wide Network of Professional Technician

When it comes to blood sample collection the HLH Pharmacy doesn’t hold down its fort. As we have a wide network of most skilled and professional phlebotomists. So, your treatment becomes quicker and more efficient as well.

What else HLH Pharmacy Offers?

HLH Pharmacy is a one stop health solution. HLH Pharmacy Online Pharmacy is offering authentic medicines with Cash on Delivery option all over the Pakistan. People from Lahore can avail free home delivery on medicines. On the other hand, HLH Pharmacy offers different type of Patient Home Care Services in Lahore.

Need Our Help

If you ever need our phlebotomists to come to you. Then you can contact us by filling the form or sending us an inquiry through email at

You can also book an appointment by calling us on the given number (+92 311 1333223). Or, you directly talk to us through our Whatsapp support (+92 311 1333223).

If you’re visiting our site then you can also talk to one of your professionals through our online chat support. Just click the “Chat with us” icon in the bottom right corner.

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