Tube Feeding at Home Service in Lahore

What is Tube Feeding?

Tube Feeding is a process of providing nutrition to your body through an artificial tube directly into the stomach. while the artificial tube is called the “Feeding Tube.”

This method is done on those patients who cannot take nutrition by mouth, not able to swallow food safely. The tube feeding procedure is also used on patients who are suffering from dysphagia or on ventilators.

Nasogastric Tube Feeding (Ryle’s Tube)

The nasogastric feeding is done through the nose, down to the esophagus direct into the stomach. It is done for a short span of time, exactly 6 to 8 weeks.

This method is also known as “Ryle’s Tube Feeding”. Ryle’s method is the most common type and especially used for home tube feeding.

Benefits of Nasogastric Tube Feeding At Home

Covering Up All Nutritional Needs

Our HOL Tube Feeding Service covers up all nutritional needs our patients have. Whether you need low/high energy requirements, with/without fiber, higher protein needs. Or either lactose (milk) intolerance.

Care at Your Own Home

Our expert nurses will provide you the tube feeding service with care from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to go through the pain going to the Tube Feeding Centers or to Hospitals that offer tube feeding.

Cleaning & Hygiene

Not only the care but providing effective Hygiene and cleaning is our top priority. Using disposable gloves and equipment cleaning and change is our nurse’s main concern. That’ll save your time and energy to a greater extent.

Family Education

Although there are some tube feeding types that can’t be done at home. For that our HOL experts will guide and inform you about each procedure and what environment is required for a specific patient.

Tube Feeding at Home

In order to get the nasogastric tube feeding at home, you can contact us by filling the form or email us. The quicker method is to have live chat with us on our website or you can Whatsapp us. And our expert will get you as quickly as possible.

Tube Feeding at Home in Lahore


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