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Are you busy parents and looking for an affordable Baby Care Services at home in Lahore? It has always been an epic and remember able moment for the parents to have their newborn child. Not to mention the inner conditions, the feelings, the love they have for their child is beyond.

The same goes for when we talk about taking care of the child. And believe us that taking care of a child is not easy as it looks. Parents have to go out of their way to grant that same care to their children.

And to secure their child’s future and make it pleasant parents do need an extra hand. That’s why HOL has preserved this long-held, beautiful tradition for many years. HOL pharmacy is a trusted Online Pharmacy for authentic medicines with home delivery option all over the Pakistan.

Baby Care Service – We Offer

Whether your child is a newborn, you’re a busy parent or you need accurate advice, timely, and the right medication for your kid. The HOL is on par in all these services by providing a suitable person for babysitting, nanny care, neo-natal care, etc.


At HOL, the babysitters are trained with an exceptional and very critical environmental setup and education. Thus, they can treat the baby/toddler gently, politely as well as with love just like his/her own mother. So, the mothers can work without any worries in their minds.

Nanny Care

The “Nanny Care” requires the infant’s as well as the mother’s care. The bathing, oiling, feeding, and changing of wet clothes of your infant with extreme care and caution.

On the other hand, helping the mother in her proper diet and massaging her for relaxation. Also, helping and providing support to the first-time mothers in lactation.

Finally, calling the doctor at your home at regular intervals during the bubbling stage. And asking for constant advice about child and mother care.

Neo-Natal Care

While the “Neo-Natal Care” involves those infants care who are prematurely weak, have low weight, or any other sort of illness.

That’s why HOL have special types of NICU Nurses (Neonatal Intensive Care Units) to provide care and support to these types of infant’s.

On-Call Pediatrics

As for your toddlers/kids, who are not well. You can avail of HOL’s “On-Call Pediatrics” service for doctor consultation/advice or home visit through a call or by email

Hiring Time Limit

It’s totally based on your schedule, convenience, and needs to hire a nurse for our all above services. Whether you want them for part-time or for full daycare it’s up to you.

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Talk To Us

For availing of our baby care services in Lahore, you can contact us through email, by phone call, or directly approach us through an online chat on our website or by WhatsApp chat.

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