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Are you looking for Affordable Wound Dressing Care at Home Services in Lahore? Then you are at the right place and you should keep reading this article. HOL trained and professional staff is providing quality Home Nursing Care services in Lahore.

Wound Dressing or Dressing is a type of sterile pad that is applied to the wound to protect it from further harm and infection. It is a step-by-step healing procedure.

The dressing depends on the position, severity, and type of wound. But, all types of dressing’s main purpose is to enhance recovery and eliminate further harm from the wound. Besides this you do not need to buy medicines and bandage by yourself. HOL’s online pharmacy offers authentic medicines on discount rates with the option of home delivery.

Wound & Its Types

Knowing About the Wound

Simply put a wound is an injury/damage to the living tissues of our body. It can be caused due to a harsh impact, blunt shot, or a cut.

Do remember that some wounds only damage our external skin while some are more serious and cause internal injury damaging the underlying tissues.

Understanding the Types

Based on the above explanation, the wound itself can be divided into two types:

Open Wounds: Open wounds are those in which our skin is ripped/torn, scraped, or cut. The open wounds have further classification:

  • Burn
  • Avulsion
  • Puncture
  • Abrasions
  • Ulcerations
  • Lacerations

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    Closed Wounds: While closed wounds are those types in which the skin is not ripped, scraped, or cut. So, there is no visible cut. But, forms a blunt trauma or contusion due to hard impact/collision or blunt blow.

    The skin’s color changes into bluish in many cases i.e., bruising/marks on the skin. While there is internal tissue damage or worst-case scenario internal bleeding.

    Our Wound Treatment & Dressing Services For Home Patients

    Here in HOL, our wound care and dressing team are taught with the utmost brilliant education course and put through real-life situations. So, they can understand the situation and act accordingly to solve the victim’s problem. HOL Wound Dressing Care Service at Home in Lahore is currently available for Lahore city.

    Our wound dressing techniques not only heal/repair the damaged skin, tissues, and all other types of wounds. But, also grants other core benefits to our home patients.

    Reducing the Pain

    Proper wound dressing by an expert actually gives a pain-relieving effect and meters down the agony for the patient.

    Seals Up the Wound

    The dressing also works as a sealing agent and speeds-up the blood clotting process to seal-up the wound.

    Promotes Faster Healing

    On the other hand, proper dressing promotes faster healing through epithelialization and granulation.

    Absorbs/Stops Internal Fluids

    Dressing actually absorbs and blocks away the internal fluids (blood, plasma) from continuously leaking out through the wound.

    Eliminates the Infectious Threat

    The careful dressing also eliminates the threat of various infections that can be formed/caused on the site of a wound.

    Minimizes the Psychological Stress

    The dressing also alleviates the psychological trauma caused due to wound to the patient.

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    Remember, there are many wounds that are deep and severe. These types need regular and proper care.

    Our advice to you is to take proper action and if you ever need help in-home care dressing then hesitate to contact or email us. Our talk to us on our live chat or WhatsApp chat.

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