Are you looking for affordable Catheterization Services at Home in Lahore? Then before hiring a Patient Home Care Service provider, you should know what it is and how it works.

What is Urine Foley

Urine Foley or also known as Foley catheterization is the procedure of insertion of a catheter from the urethra up to the bladder for draining out the urine.

The urine Foley catheter can also be inserted by making a small hole near the patient’s abdomen.

Indwelling Catheter

The apparatus that is used for this type of catheterization is called “Indwelling catheter”. Indwelling means to remain inside. This catheter is also named “Foley Catheter”.

That’s why the end of the catheter that remains inside the patient’s bladder is fixed with an inflated balloon. So, the catheter doesn’t slide or fall from the bladder.

The balloon is filled with water. So, when the balloon deflates it’s a clear sign of removal of the catheter.

Why Use Urine Foley & For Whom?

It is used for patients who cannot urinate themselves or have difficulty doing it. Including are patients with recent critical surgery. People who are bedridden and can’t move due to medical conditions or have a severe injury.

Both types of urine Foley are used for both males and females for longer or shorter periods of time.

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    Urine Foley Complications

    Now, urine foley has many complications that should be dealt with properly. It causes infection in the urinary tract. The symptoms are chills, headache, fever, foul-smelling urine, lower abdomen pain, aches, and genital area burning.

    In females, there could be allergic symptoms showing up, bladder stones, blood coming out during urination, kidney damage, urinary tract infection.

    Catheter Change at Home Service in Lahore

    In order to deal with these problems, HLH Pharmacy has prepared special nurses for urine Foley. Proper administration system, a Foley procedure for home patients, and Guiding and educating the family regarding patients care, treatment, and progress.

    Skilled Nurses

    HLH Pharmacy has a separate unit of highly skilled nurses for administrating urine foley for patients at home. Be a male or female the procedure is done at a hospital or home is the same.

    Excellent Administration System

    The process is a bit complex. So, our nurses take extra caution to do the urine foley. It is done on regular basis with proper hygiene and treatment to avoid the complications mentioned above for both males and females.

    No Travelling Issues

    Patients who are bedridden or on bed due to surgery or severe injury they don’t need to travel. Because HLH Pharmacy has a simple and easy system of hiring a nurse from the comfort of your home.

    Guiding & Educating The Family

    Our nurses being professionals they are also patient cares. They’ll provide all the required details as well as guiding the family members regarding the treatment. Educating them about patient and procedure conditions will relieve the family members of any concerns.

    Besides Catheterization Services at Home, what else HLH Pharmacy Home Patient Care Offer?

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