Home Care Nursing Services in Lahore

Are you looking for Nursing Care at Home Services in Lahore? You are exactly at the right place. HLH Pharmacy offer’s affordable Home Patient Care Services in Lahore. Staff is very qualified, trained, experienced and professional.

HLH Pharmacy has aimed to deliver promising Nursing Care Services for home by 24/7. We offer dedicated medical services for the patients at home who still require nursing care after the hospitalization recovery.

We have an experienced and professional nursing team along-with the modern telemonitoring devices that give us an edge over others in medical assistance.

We focused on the patient’s comfort and the family’s peace of mind at their doorstep. Our staff also build up morale and give spiritual support to the patient to boost up their confidence.

Now, let’s have a look at the services that we provide to our home patients. Our services are divided into two sections for our patient’s ease of selection.

HLH Pharmacy Medical Home Patient Care Services

There is a wider range of medical services that we offer for home patients. A checklist along with a brief description is as follow:

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    Oral Medical Administration

    Our caring oral administration ensures that the patient receives the drug safely without any complications and according to prescription on time.

     IV/IM Injection/Infusion Administration

    Save your precious time of frequent visits to the hospital in case of your patient require injections and infusions too often. The staff has experience of a variety of injections especially IV/IM types.

    Complete Diabetic Care & Management

    We have a comprehensive diabetes care management system. The system works on comprising vital metrics that are recorded to monitor a patient’s diabetic conditions carefully.

    Administration of Tube, Drain, and Bags

    It includes the initial insertion and replacement of tubes and bags. The staff also look for any possible leakage or blockage. To avoid septic conditions, a sterile dressing is applied.

    Sterilizing & Cleaning of Wounds/Injuries

    Our professional nursing staff maintains a healthy environment for a complete procedure of sterilization and cleaning of wounds. Including are post-op surgical wounds, open wounds, and infected wounds.

    Our enhanced methods of sterilization and careful wound cleaning ensure safe, reliable, and quick healing.

    Complete Management of Foleys Catheterization

    We have a complete setup of foley catheterization. The facility to catheterize patients from the comfort of their home.

    Plus, our skillful nurses can also carry out the procedures of catheter insertion or removal and bladder wash as well. So, you don’t need to go through the pain of repeat visits to the hospital every time.

    Attentive & Special Treatment For Cardiac Patients

    We have specially trained nurses and therapists that deal with cardiopulmonary management with the help of telemonitoring devices. The skilled staff supports the patient to do the tasks while staying at home.

    The solutions and tools we offer include a chart for day-to-day progress, exercises that build up strength and increase activity and help the patient recovering from the cardiac procedure to regain his/her daily life.

    Oxygen Administration Facility For both Acute & Chronic Conditions

    You do not need to get distressed or panic about the patient’s state, who requires oxygen administrations. The home nurses are well aware of all the conditions whether acute or chronic like trauma, shocks, gasping, hemorrhage, and others.

    Wide-Range Health Assessment & Routine Vital Monitoring With Documentation

    Our fully trained nursing staff skillfully carries out the routine health assessments as per schedule. Including monitoring of blood pressure and glucose, checking of pulse rate and temperature.

    Our HLH Pharmacy expert staff keep a track of their findings and maintain a record of all checkups and patients. They also inform their supervisor and family members to seek any further assessment whenever necessary.

    Additionally, we also perform post-op monitoring and any other mandatory checkup based on the patient’s condition.

    HLH Pharmacy Non-Medical Care

    As for Non-Medical Care below is a checklist along with their details that HLH Pharmacy provides for home patients.

    • Preservation of Hygienic Conditions
    • Lifting and Carrying Patients
    • Being a Trusty Companion
    • Collaboration with HLH Pharmacy Team & Family Members
    • Help Out In Other Routine Tasks

    Preservation of Hygienic Conditions

    We strictly instructed our medical staff to preserve a well-clean, germ-free, and sanitized environment at the patient’s home.

    HLH Pharmacy staff takes special measures during an administration that help to reduce the spread of pathogens and infections to the patient’s vicinity.

    Lifting & Carrying Patients

    One of the serious issues is the mobility of the patient especially when they are old enough or have bedsores. It is really a tough job for the persons accompanying the patient at home.

    Our staff is trained for repositioning the bedridden and immobile patients and help them to move conveniently. When needed, they also assist in carrying from home to hospitals and vice versa.

    Being a Trusty Companion

    Along with all of these services, our staff works with empathy and companionship. Because even home patients need a friend to talk to when their loved ones and family members are busy working for them.

    Our nurses give patients comfort and peace both ways; physically and psychologically.

    Collaboration with HLH Pharmacy Team & Family Members

    Effective communication regarding the patient’s condition to the Family Members and back at HLH Pharmacy’s Health Team helps the patient in recovering fast.

    That’s why our HLH Pharmacy expert nursing unit comes with great communication skills. Talking to the Family Members of the patients regularly and providing them the daily patient report.

    This collaboration gives a huge benefit of implementing the best health solution to your loved ones. So, they can heal up pretty quickly and enjoy their life on a daily basis.

    Help Out In Other Routine Tasks

    HLH Pharmacy has qualified, trained, and expert nursing staff to assist the patients in carrying out their routine tasks such as mobility, diet, general body care, and hygiene, toileting, etc., but not limited to them.

    Specially Bathing, Grooming, and Preparing meals is a pleasant time of the day. To refreshen up from a daily bath removes all the exhaustion and getting a fresh and healthy meal keeps the patient’s spirit up all day.

    How to Book Nursing Home Care Services in Lahore?

    Our aim is to satisfy you in terms of services and of-course patient caring and curing is the prime objective.

    Should you want to avail of our services for Home Nursing, send us all the patient details along-with your own contact number.

    To get further assistance and details, call or text via SMS or WhatsApp message at +92 311 1333223 | +92 311 1333223.

    For Live Chat go to our website and click the chat icon down on the left side. You can also email us at info@hlhpharmacy.com.pk.

    Upon processing your query, we will deploy our fully trained staff within 24 hours at your specified address.